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Welcome to the Grown Folkz Kids Show! This is a clean, fun & innovative talk show that’s from a couple of grown-up fans of comics, movies, sports, entertainment & today’s tough social issues. Even though we are a couple of grown dudes that is strong in our faith, taking care of our families, handling our business, but yet… Still keeping it kid! We tape the show from “MAMA’S BASEMENT” in Spokane, Washington- The Great Pacific Northwest! The show is funny, unpredictable and fun for the ears! 

Avenger Endame Talk Pt.1

June 7th, 2019

Oh man! That Endgame was on another level! The story arc; the cinematography; the acting; the characters; the directing; the cosmetic-super-alla-dociousness of awesome sauce that this movie brings!!! Can't talk all about it at once, but we will talk about the good and bad and future of the MCEU-starting with this podcast. Come and join in on the conversation of Avengers Endgame. 

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